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Gold Bodyguard (2023)

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Tong Song, who is unable to walk, is the founder of Paradox Security. There are two other people in the team, An Ning, who is talented in mechanics, and Da Niu, who is simple-minded yet highly skilled. The company’s main business is to protect the safety of their clients and their clients’ property, also known as “bodyguards.” On this day, they received a three-day anonymous commission to protect An Ning’s sister, An Yi. Since then, An Yi has had ran into many accidents. Tong Song thinks it’s not a coincidence, but he does find a clue in the details that confirms his suspicions. There is a high possibility that the organization behind this is one that is good at making murders look like accidents. Just then, An Yi disappears… Who is trying to assassinate An Yi? Is An Yi aware of the danger she’s in? Is there really such an organization? How will Tong Song and the others save An Yi?

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Genre: Action, Mystery

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